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Senior Executive Leadership

Program Overview

Selected Topics in Corporate Governance; Law, Finance & Accounting; Leadership, Capital Markets; and Risk Management


The Stanford Senior Executive Leadership Program is a nine-month senior executive program offered by Stanford Rock Center, a joint initiative of Stanford Law School and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. The program is designed to help top executives identify and understand critical topics that play a central role in the success and failure of corporate activities. The course will help prepare executives to assume greater leadership roles within the enterprise or transition to broader roles within the organization. Topics explore divergent viewpoints and provide a forum for the discussion of complex issues such as understanding the influence of institutional investors, leading the growth of a firm through effective human network, looking through the numbers in the financial statements, navigating through financial crisis and the possible double-dip recession, and practicing the best corporate governance standards under tighter regulatory scrutiny.

Participants in the program embark on an academic journey that prepares them to successfully navigate the highly volatile issues and confront many of the diverse challenges facing top executives and corporate leaders in today's dynamic global marketplace.

This innovative program provides a comprehensive curriculum to deliver the highest level of cross-functional knowledge and leadership expertise in the following areas:

Institutional Investors and Global Capital Markets

Strategic Accounting and Finance

Leadership Through Sustained and Effective Human Networks

Corporate Governance and FCPA practice

Risk Management

Immersed in an intensive learning environment, participants will examine new business frameworks, explore diverse perspectives, and share best practices, with the ability to lead their business through periods of growth and turbulence while improving profitability.