MIT Leadership and Innovation Program

Program Highlights

Specifically designed for forward-thinking senior executives who are ready to rethink and revitalize their approach to business and technical challenges.
The program consists of 3 modules held in Hong Kong/Shenzhen taught face-to-face by MIT faculty, plus one elective course at the MIT Campus, Boston. The three modules in Hong Kong/Shenzhen focus on three areas:

- Leading Innovative Team

- Managing Radical and Disruptive Innovation

- Design Thinking – A Practical Process for Innovation

Understanding how the business and technology landscape is being changed by breakthrough innovation, and the strategies that make it possible to succeed in this new age.
Convenient schedule for people living outside of Hong Kong/Shenzhen: intensive weekend classes, plus choices to travel to MIT campus for the optional module.

Program Benefits

Learn from MIT faculty and industry experts with deep experience driving and leading innovation and disruption. World-class faculty members include Professor Sanjay Sarma, Vice President of MIT.
Learn from senior executives and seasoned industry practitioners. Network with highly qualified peers from around the globe to openly discuss, debate, question, challenge, comment, support, and share. The program provides a great platform to connect with senior executives from China's top technology giants. Participants include CFO of Baidu, CEO of First Securities Capital, CFO of ZTP Express, Partner of KPMG, and CEO of Xdynamics Drone Ltd, among others.
Develop a greater understanding of the tools that every innovative organization needs to succeed.
Learn wider and deeper set of skills, customized to fit both your organization’s needs and your career goals.
Become professional alumni of MIT Professional Education and receive all the associated benefits and courtesies.

Students Testimonial

Herman Yu

Chief Financial Officer


“This is a wonderful program, because it brought many experienced people from diverse background, from CEOs to partners of Big 4 to CFOs to entrepreneurs. Moreover, I gained a lot from both the group discussions, as we were asked to share different perspectives within the innovative areas, and from professor Nino, who brought real-world case studies to the class. The blended learning model is quite efficient; we had an online session prior to class to view different short video clips. The class spent massive amounts of time learning from each other within the two-day period, and there was little homework, which is a plus.”

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