Program Overview

Program Overview

About EMAM

The Executive Master in Advanced Management is a significant investment for both the participants and their organizations. The invaluable lessons learned go beyond the transmission of skills and conventional theories which participants will be able to implement successfully in any organization. Each module is guided and taught by professors/lecturers of HEC Liège Executive School, Management School of University of Liege who are leading authorities in their respective fields. Furthermore, the blended learning approach enables each participant flexibility and convenience. The participant can learn anywhere, anytime. In addition, participants will find themselves immersed in learning with a diverse group of CEOs and managers whose global experience and insights will greatly impact their thinking. After completing this program, participants will acquire critical thinking and problem-solving skills from the program’s effective learning system, elite faculty, and accomplished group of peers from around the world.

The program is conducted by HEC Liège Executive School, Management School – University of Liège, Belgium. Among them are:

A highly sought-after executive education by business, government and private industries worldwide who are seeking effective and up to-date professionals and leaders.

Allows students to better understand the most critical asset of an organization - it's knowledge and data as well as its people.

To distinguish themselves in the job market with the inclusion of Knowledge Management and that other Executive Master programs do not offer.

To enhance the student's knowledge base, critical analysis, thinking, and problem solving skills needed in the real world context.

Using the most current business management technology and academic course materials available.

Program Structure

The Executive Master in Advanced Management Program is specially targeted at managers and professionals with significant experience in their own areas of expertise. The goal of the Executive Master is to develop high-potential managers and professionals for the most senior levels of management positions in their organizations, providing them with the skills and knowledge beyond conventional wisdom and practices. In addition, the blended learning approach of the Executive Master places in-depth emphasis on the business context of management and leadership, focusing on the organizational and strategic issues influencing management’s evidence-based decision making.

The program consists of the following Four (4) online modules and SIPRIDE Business Game:

i) Introduction to Finance and Accounting.

ii) Marketing.

iii) Sustainable Strategy.

iv) People Management.

v) SIPRIDE Business Game.

Program Assessment

Assessment of the program is by taking a case study short answer examination at the end of each module. It will be an open book case study short answer examination relating to the content of each module. Having completed the Advanced Management Program, the Executive Master in Advanced Management is awarded by the HEC Liège Executive School, Management School of the University of Liège based in Belgium. The Executive Master in Advanced Management is a non-academic program for Executives and experienced managers in the industry.

Mode of Study and Delivery

The program is delivered modularly, i.e. one module over a 8 weeks period at a time through distance learning with web-based support. The entire program can be completed in approximately 12 months. Agenda of course for each module is as follows:

A complete flow diagram for the 12 months, four online modules are shown below:

Next, in the spirit of blended and flexible e-learning, the onus of study rests with the student but will be comprehensively supported by:

Online lectures/visual slides/lecture notes;

Electronic resources such as e-library, on-line tutorials and chats;

Over 200 audio-visual files on various management titles compiled by HEC Liège;

Latest Action Learning Seminar series materials; and

Soft copies of course materials, study guides, and handouts.