Courses & Curriculum


Instruction is provided by exceptionally well qualified experts in a variety of fields. All of our instructors understand the needs of undergraduate students, and are dedicated to providing additional guidance outside of class.

Students enrolled in the English Writing for Non-Native Speakers course will also receive one-one-one tutoring to improve their English skills.   

Class size is limited to ensure participation in discussions and access to equipment; students are encouraged to apply early.

UC Berkeley's 22 Nobel Prize winners

Current Faculty Nobel Laureates at Berkeley
2013 - Randy Schekman (Physiology)
2011 - Saul Perlmutter (Physics)
2009 - Oliver E. Williamson (Economics)
2006 - George F. Smoot (Physics)
2001 - George A. Akerlof (Economics)
2000 - Daniel L. McFadden (Economics)
1986 - Yuan T. Lee (Chemistry)
1964 - Charles H. Townes (Physics)

Deceased Faculty Nobel Laureates
1994 - John C. Harsanyi (Economics)
1983 - Gerard Debreu (Economics)
1980 - Czeslaw Milosz (Literature)
1968 - Luis Alvarez (Physics)
1961 - Melvin Calvin (Chemistry)
1960 - Donald A. Glaser (Physics)
1959 - Owen Chamberlain (Physics)
1959 - Emilio G. Segre (Physics)
1951 - Edwin M. McMillan (Chemistry)
1951 - Glenn T. Seaborg (Chemistry)
1949 - William F. Giauque (Chemistry)
1946 - John H. Northrop (Chemistry)
1946 - Wendell M. Stanley (Chemistry)
1939 - Ernest O. Lawrence (Physics)

Grades & Credits

The UC Berkeley Summer Program is academically rigorous, and courses carry college credit.

Upon successful completion of the program, students receive an official UC Berkeley Statement of Attendance and a complimentary official transcript. Successful completion is based on attendance, satisfactory completion of assignments, and adherence to the program's behavioral standards.

Class attendance is carefully monitored. Students must attend classes unless they are ill. A student who misses multiple class sessions may not receive a Statement of Attendance, even if those absences are excused.


Students enrolled in the UC Berkeley Summer Program will be able to experience a world-class undergraduate instructional curriculum taught by UC Berkeley's faculty. The six-week program consists of three courses and 7-8 units:

Core Course—students select one of the following:

- Analytic Geometry and Calculus (Math XB16A)
- English Writing for Non-Native Speakers (English X400.1)

Elective Course—students select one elective subject.

Offerings include Anthropology, Astronomy, History, Philosophy, Geography, and some advanced Science courses.
Students will be placed with Berkeley students and other international visitors.