About the Program

Program Overview

About the Program

Small business or large corporation, if your goal is to lead a thriving organization through today’s volatile economic landscape, you must first master the ability to innovate and lead change. The MIT Professional Education Innovation and Leadership Program is a part-time program of strategic resources designed to help you do just that. Here, you can develop the pivotal fusion of skills, knowledge, and perspective crucial to leading business and technological innovation.

The MIT Professional Education Innovation and Leadership Certificate Program teaches you essential skills and effective strategies for working in and managing innovative organizations – and for starting new ones. With change as a constant, the key to success is learning how to keep pace on a global scale, to innovate, and to nurture and develop value-creating ideas across your organization.

This program provides an interactive learning experience on how to galvanize and sustain productive innovation throughout your organizations. Based on the methodology of design thinking, this program prepares today’s leaders to transform the way they think about strategy and execution The program is specifically designed for forward-thinking senior executives who are ready to rethink and revitalize their approach to business and technological challenges.


Learning Outcomes

The MIT innovation and leadership programs will enable you to anticipate market needs and grow your organization's capacity to innovate, so you can improve top-line and bottom-line performance while building sustainable advantage.

Specific learning objectives include:

Gain a better understanding of the tools that every innovative organization needs to succeed.

Relearn a wider and deeper set of innovation skills, customized to fit both your organization’s needs and your career goals.

Obtain greater understanding of the best and most current research on innovation and Leadership.

Enjoy learning from and engaging with some of MIT’s world renowned thought leaders.

Network with a talented group of peers from diverse background and industries.

Who Should Attend

Leaders of innovative teams, or teams that wish to be innovative

Professionals from startups and multinational companies, non-profits and the public sector

Marketing, sales, finance, and project management teams

Engineers and project team leads who want to be leaders

Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs