About the Program

MIT Innovation and Leadership Program

Students Testimonials


Herman Yu

Chief Financial Officer


“This is a wonderful program, because it brought many experienced people from diverse background, from CEOs to partners of Big 4 to CFOs to entrepreneurs. Moreover, I gained a lot from both the group discussions, as we were asked to share different perspectives within the innovative areas, and from professor Nino, who brought real-world case studies to the class. The blended learning model is quite efficient; we had an online session prior to class to view different short video clips. The class spent massive amounts of time learning from each other within the two-day period, and there was little homework, which is a plus.”


Benny Chan

Chief Executive Officer

Xdynamics Drone Ltd

“It has been so delightful and enjoyable to join the MIT program. I learned a great deal from the classmates who gave lots of great ideas and insights. Being the CEO of a technology company, I have been seeking better solutions to lead my engineering teams in delivering products that can achieve both standardization and mass production. I like the free flow ideas of the brainstorming session, as people in the class collectively focused on solving particular issues in the innovation and creativity. This is something I’ve never experienced before in such an academic learning environment. I really enjoy this class and I strongly urge my colleagues and friends to join this program. The online session also give us good preparation in advance of class.”


Anson Bailey

Head of Consumer & Retail & Head of Technology


“As a Partner of KPMG……I am always striving to understand the rapid changes we see in the business environment and understand that we need to continue our journey of lifelong education. This is a significant reason for me choosing MIT and their cutting-edge technology +innovation courses. We see significant disruption in business and the pace of change seems to be accelerating in China across all sectors of business so we must respond to all of these changes.

Increasingly, a large number of our clients are seeking our support to tackle these issues in a new business climate and we must ensure that we understand these new dynamics and help our clients to respond where technology and innovation will be help them to enable their businesses for the next generation.

I enjoyed discussions and problem solving with both the professors and my classmates along with the need to collaborate to overcome the various challenges. As industry leaders, we must ensure we help to nurture and develop the next generation of business leaders and leave our world in a better state.”

Yan Huiping

Chief Financial Officer

ZTP Express

“As the CFO of one of the world’s largest logistics companies, I am always interested in continuing education especially cutting-edge technology courses offered by world-class institutions like MIT. In particular, our company has been experiencing another stage of growth along with the rapidly booming e-commerce industry in China but at the same time, we need to reinvent and reshape the way we do business and take advantage of technology to develop our competitive edge. To collaborate and discuss with other classmates under the guidance of the professor is a highly practical learning experience. I understand from other participants what their struggle is in terms of applying innovation and technology to their real work. Moreover, I realize that there are intended consequences along with innovation. As we grow our business we need to think about social responsibility considering that our company process a huge volume of goods every day, bringing lots of impact on the environment. Packages, plastics and tapes, are they biodegradable or not? As an industry leader we will need to bring everybody together to address this issue.”

Polly Yip

Director, Consulting

Pricewaterhouse Coopers Consulting Hong Kong Limited

“I was introduced to enroll in this course by a colleague who knew that I admire MIT. As the person who has been busy working on day-to-day consulting projects, I am able to put aside my work and focus on a class learning and discussion with classmates, which helped refresh my knowledge on leading teams to provide innovative services and solutions. It was also a great learning opportunity for us to share our views and learn from people coming from different industries and companies. Interacting with people from outside their industry was highly valuable. Participants were open to a whole range of experiences and knowledge. I also like the programme format of blended learning mode that there are some pre-readings online prior to the class sessions and also on-campus classes. I look forward to coming to the MIT campus to attend the on-campus module on ‘Beyond the Smart City’. ”

Qian Longhai

Chief Executive Officer

First Capital Securities Co. Ltd

“I’ve always enjoyed being challenged and pushed further and further intellectually. Doing the MIT program was such an amazing experience. Having witnessed, participated and orchestrated the reform in the financial industry in China for the past twenty years as the CEO of a publicly listed securities company with a market capital of US$5 billion, I have come to realize that there is still a lot for me to learn, especially from distinguished academic institution like MIT. The experience truly opened up the world to me – during the intensive two days class I was exposed to people from different companies and industries. My classmates worked in so many different industries that even though the subject matter was not entirely new, the application of it was memorable. Being able to see a familiar theory through the very different perspectives of my peers made for a much richer learning experience. The program gave me cause to recalibrate my decision-making process, to place a greater emphasis on the collective wisdom of my team, and to challenge myself to look differently at the facts as presented.”